• Technical Frontiers Inc. has an overriding commitment to the quality of the products, solutions, and services we provide to our customers.Validated through our CMMI Level 3 DEV appraisal rating, we have instilled a Quality Directive into everything we do when it comes to contract performance. We are committed to the goals of achieving total customer satisfaction, which means delivering quality work on time, on schedule, in budget, and having a measurable return on our customer’s investment.

    We believe that achieving quality performance on each of our engagements requires establishment and implementation of a quality assurance/quality management system that is custom-tailored to each of our customers. Our QA approach will always be customer and project dependent because each customer environment is unique and TFI’s QA implementation maintains the flexibility to merge with each client’s business objectives, internal processes, and culture.

    Key Features of our Quality Directive include:

    Formal Deliverable Review Process
    To ensure the highest quality of the deliverables for our clients, we have implemented a three tiered review process. Each major deliverable is assigned a senior member to ensure the requirements of the deliverable have been met. Also, each deliverable goes through a technical review as well as an independent editorial review.

    Program and Project Management Reviews
    Our major programs and projects are subject to a formal management review. These reviews are conducted by the executive management of the company and designed to identify issues or concerns within the program/project. This process ensures that all major program projects have visibility at the highest levels within the company.

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